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Preal is the best friend you will ever have. Preal is trustworthy, kind, caring and super beautiful. They arw super smart and are very very talkative. Preals have dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. Preals knows everything! Preals can be hard to get though. If you have a Preal in your life never let go of her because she may leave too soon...Preal can be a little suicidal...they have depression and they cut themselves. So you better keep a Preal cuz they can leave too soon....Preals are also very insecure. You may say things like "You're so pretty!" But a Preal would ALWAYS reply with "NOOO! YOU'RE PRETTY!" Or something like that. If you have a Preal tell her EVERYTHING. The more she knows the better.
Boy:"This girl won't shut up."
Girl:"OHHHH you mean Preal?"
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