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the feeling of preparing yourself for a discussion or an argument. You make sure that every fact, opinion or point that you want to make gets across exactly how you would want it to if you were actually saying it to someone in person. It makes you feel as if you "won" the argument or got your point across successfully because you actually thought it out, when in reality all you did was go over what you said to yourself in the shower, in the mirror, or even to your mom. Most people get this feeling when they know or feel as though they are about to get into an argument or if they feel heavily about a topic they already know what they want to say. Usually when it gets to the argument or the discussion most people forget what they "planned" to say and just start speaking without thinking about what they already thought about.
My roommate had a pre-defense to her and her boyfriend's argument.
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by Ccrobin August 30, 2018
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