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A Word of Liverpudlian or Scouser origin.

A complete Assehole, male or female, who talks utter shit.

Generally found in a pub pissed up and trying to talk someone into either lending them money or supplying them with more drink.

So called a Pram-Head as they are full of shit and broken biscuits, like an old shitty pram or stroller used to transport babies and toddlers around in.
Example A;

Tom; Don't look now but Matt's just come into the pub...

Pete; Good, that fuckin' Pram-Head owes me a tenner.

Example B;

Man1; here mate lend us a tenner, I earn 5k a week me and and can pay it you back on Friday...

Man2: Fuck off you Pram-Head bastard
by Hector Knox March 11, 2008
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