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The Hindi word for 'Nature'. The Prakruti I know is an intelligent, charming, cute, beautiful, talented and quirky girl, who is absolutely lovable.
She's a nice and kind person, as is suggested by the name and thereto justifying her name, she is caring and sweet and emanates positive vibes such which soothe you much like pheromones and dopamine does.
If you are not smiling when you meet her, she will most likely try to make you smile.
Prakruti won't remind you of other people and their traits. You won't think of things like back-stabbing, gossip, politics and such when you think of her, rather when you think of things you like and those that make you happy, they will remind you of her.
Prakruti's an absolute source of pleasure, in a good proper nice way.
Prakruti won't judge you lightly, she will judge you strictly; but she will judge you on your actions and merits, and not on hearsay and someone else's word. She'd make a good judge.
Prakruti's cool.
How would you like your daughter to grow up to be?
I would very much want her to be like Prakruti.
1: Tell me! Who's the girl that you like?
2: I'll give you a hint. She's perfect!
1: Easy! It must be Prakruti!
by book-food-translation January 24, 2014
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