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Prajakta means the person who is 'the life if the party'. It means beauty without limits.Not only from outside but from inside as well.Falling in love with her is easy but forgetting her is real tough. She is very flirty . She is mature enough to take her own decisions.She is true leader who'll lead to success.She may not be happy but for sure will keep you happy.
by IKnowItAllGuy May 02, 2018
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a white flower with an orange stem. it grows in india.
a beutifull flower that growes in india and is very rare to see.
by prajakta March 07, 2005
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A girl who once worked in your team, promises to come to your wedding, but doesn't turn up.
Sean said that we would be getting drinks after work, but he just didn't show. He's such a Prajakta.
by fullmonte May 27, 2017
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