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When two people walk into a laundromat and go to the steam-cleaner to rip off the partner's clothes and begins to use the irons that are normally used for clothes on each other's genitals. The loser, who is determined by whoever backs down first from the insane heat on his/her junk (or when their junk is so crispy that it requires amputation), is then pounded in the bum by the victor. Should a woman win, the man shall be punished with a 9 inch spiked, barbed-wire strap-on.
Biff: "Yo, I was powersteaming wit dis one bitch dat steamed mah dick off."
Joe: "So...You don't got no dick no mo'?"
Biff: "Yea playa, and she absolutely wasted my asshole wit dat 9 inch strap-on."
Joe: "Word!!"
by Bogus Biff February 21, 2012
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