A slide show created with a program made by Microsoft. Its a simple program where you create a eye-catching visual for your audience while you eleaborte or explain your topic(s).
You are not meant to have lots of writing on the powerpoint rather dot-jots, graphs/charts, and maybe pictures.
The entire purpose of a Powerpoint is to provide your audience something to look at.
You might have to do a powerpoint presentation in front of you class tommorow, and you may be nervous. Just relax, take deep breaths, ensure you are knowledgable about your topic, and tell yourself that you'll do fine. :p

If you've done a powerpoint presentation before, you can do it again. Go get 'em.
by livelifegood June 12, 2009
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A media object, usually a videogame, that runs incredibly slow.
Person1s Macbook loaded Minecraft, only to have it run like a PowerPoint Presentation.
by buddy retard July 16, 2020
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