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General redneck baddassary usually involving cheap sportscar or tiny-penis truck, flowmasters, and backwards trucker hat. Tank top optional. Adherents to this unique Southern phenomenon are typically 18-30, and yet while typically having no education, tend to frequent the parking lots of their local high schools. Alabama fans epitomize this unique Southern phenomenon.
Man, Austin needs to put a new muffler on his 'Stang before he goes powerhossing by Mt. Pisgah High again.
by Pancb February 06, 2017
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Driving while being a Southern badass. Generally involves one wrist on the wheel and one arm out the window of a 'stang, bronco, or large truck.
Man, I gotta get a new suspension lift and clean my flows if we're still going powerhossing downtown next week.
by Pancb April 18, 2016
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