Power Struggle Theory is the idea that a weakling is going to be most sensitive to a power struggle. This is akin to when a small dog barks wildly. This theory describes the behavior of young women who hunt for attention and enjoy keeping men at their fingertips. The vast majority of young women on sites such as Tinder and Facebook love to be in control of interactions with men and get off on the feeling of power they hold over them. Relinquishing such power is not in the interests of such a weakling, as then men would gain the upper hand in all areas. Such women usually have multiple “safe” beta males orbiting them. The woman gets a different type of stimulation and pleasure from each of the orbiters; also known as juggle play. A confident man does not need to engage in power struggles because he feels good about himself on his own. Most attractive young women realize the gig is up once the power struggle ends. They like to extend the struggle as long as possible to maintain their power and because of their fear a man will realize she brings less character to the table than he thought.
Guy 1: Why does she reply to only 30% of my messages? I thought women loved to get attention.
Guy 2: Not necessarily. Why do you think many women interpret your interest in them as weakness?
Guy: I don’t know. They don’t like muff munchers?
Guy 2: Power Struggle Theory in practice.
by Eric Kazinsky November 10, 2015