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A "gut" or belly on a Powerlifter or Strongman/Strongwoman Competitor Due to Consumption of Mass Calories and Extreme Heavy Lifting..Super Heavyweight Olympic Weighlifters may also sport one.
Omg! Did you see the power belly on Eddie Hall when he Deadlifted over 1000lbs?!
by ShaneGreyLifts September 10, 2018
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A "strongman" AKA heavy weightlifter wears a belt to help with heavy lifts, the power belly is essentially a fat stomach needed to store fat so these 400lb strongmen can keep their bones from breaking (bone can only hold so much muscle so you need a fat and muscle mix to keep their body from breaking)
HEY look its Eddie Hall, check out that powerbelly.... he's huge
by FatHenry May 26, 2018
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