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Indian based girls name often shortened to 'Polli' in an Australian environment. Poulomi's are usually of a supremely high intellect, comparable to that of extra terrestrial intelligence. They are also know to be particularly nice, to have a wicked sense of humor and for being absolute gorgeous.
I so wish I was a Poulomi, those girls have it all!
by x.Red.Headed.Minx.x December 27, 2009
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P retty weird if you ask me
O n top of your boyfriend
U nder your boyfriend
L oves getting with your boyfriend
O ver you
M aking out with your dog
I don't know what else to say
girl 1: isn't that the one that was on top of my boyfriend
girl 2: she was just under mine!
girl 3: she just got with my boyfriend
girl 4: she's over me idk
girl 5: she was making out with my dog
girl 6: i don't get her
girl 7: SHE'S POULOMI. she might be like a really nice hoe.
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by bertha&piper June 24, 2017
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