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POO-LAY-AS. The kind of friend that requires an abnormal normal amount of text messages to agree to something. The Pouleas will often try to switch plans already agreed upon by the rest of the group. The Pouleas tries to change plans and make it seem like it was your idea, not the Pouleas’s. Sometimes the Pouleas will send so many texts that even if you agree with the Pouleas, the Pouleas will twist these texts against you and try to confuse you and then blame you when either the Pouleas or yourself doesn't show up. The Pouleas is notorious for being late even when the Pouleas sets the plans.
"We were all supposed to meet up last night, but our plans got Pouleas'd at the last mintue. Now the Pouleas is blaming us, and we're still starving,"
by mel_akas80 May 17, 2013
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