Soup of ye olde times, eaten by peasants. Made with anything and everything that was available.
"Ere, luv, chuck summore apple cores into that there pottage."
by OtterOne January 18, 2009
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Tim Pottage is a very sexy but narcissistic character from the notoriously sexualized tv drama "What A Meme". He persistently gropes other characters including "Susey McSustits" who ironically proclaims "What A Meme!" whenever Tim Pottage's sexual deviancies provoke other colleagues. Most notably in the Episode "The Kennel Club" Tim is caught dressed up in a dalmation costume flirting with another person, Susey attempts to say her catchphrase but Tim reacts tyrannically, resulting in one of the funniest scenes in television history.
"You're being such a Tim Pottage" Bill said as Ben stroked his leg
by GreatSauce February 09, 2018
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The act of hiding weed in a pastry product, normally in order to hide it from officials or to consume it.
"Jeffery? I ate that pie in the fridge, is that ok-"
by C L G September 21, 2017
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