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The name of the newest/sweetest drinking game thats sweeping the nation. The game is the official freshman initiation for males on the William and Mary Track team. Following the last home football game, freshman on the team are required to sneak into Zable stadium and steal a certain advertisment board (which will remain undisclosed) and sneak it to the schools track house where the game will be played on it until they are blacked out. How to play: The game is similar to beer pong in which two teams of 2-3 have 10 beer cups a piece at each end of the table. The cups are to be arranged in a circle with the water cup in the center. At the start of each game, each team will designate a cup their "Leprechaun" cup without the other team knowing which one it is. This is done typically by placing a ping pong ball in one of the cups. When play starts, it is the object of both teams to throw ping pong balls in turns and attempt to knock out all of the opposing teams beer cups. However, here is where the game differs from beer pong. The player that knocks out the opposing teams leprechaun cup must also take a shot of liquor (preferably gold slagger). If a ping pong ball lands in the water cup, the player who threw it can choose two beer cups to be taken away and designate a player on the othe team to take a shot. Last but not least is the "Blarney" rule. If a player kisses his ping pong, ball says "Blarney", shoots and makes a beer cup, he can choose and additional cup to be taken away, and choose someone to take a shot. If a blarney ball hits the water cup, it is 3 beer cups and two shots that must be given out. However, if a blarney ball misses, the opposing team may select a beer cup to be taken away from the other team. A game cannot end on a blarney, and there is no bounce rule.
Pot O' Gold > Beer Pong

by pot o gold November 08, 2006
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To make a man dress up like Leprechaun and have him suck your dick until you get a pot of gold. An annual tradition in Slovenia whcih they celebrate on their special "Rape me I'm Irish Festival". Usually performed on minors. The festival goes from July 15- July 29th
Wow thats a sexy leprechaun costume. I want your pot O' gold in my mouth.
by JefferyXXXxxxXXXxxx May 28, 2011
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