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1. N. - A type of music, typically of the independent nature, that involves twangy, surfy, ambient, glistening guitar melodies with heavy reverb applied and non-traditional drum beats; Usually calming, relaxing, and upbeat melodies are involved as well as simplicity. A relaxed vocal entourage is usually key as well as many vocal harmonies. Although relaxing, post-surf musicians usually have many up-tempo songs in their arsenal, that are meant for dancing and swaying to. Post-Surf is notable for its "raw" recorded sound.

2. N. - A certain feeling, usually from music, that makes one feel as though they are at a beach or in the ocean, even if they are no where near a beach or ever will be.
1. Wow, Real Estate, Surfer Blood, and The Beach Fossils really capture that Post-surf sound!

2. I feel so Post-surf right now. It's almost like I'm at the beach.
by Dr. Haveab G. November 07, 2011
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