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The feeling that follows post-movie craziness where you're juste 'ahh this movie was asdfghjkl speechless'
You watch it sevral times, look up everything you can find about it on Google, listen to the soundtrack, read , tweet, reblog, facebook about it.
and you're sad that there i only one movie like this and you realise how much your life sucks. You want to be the movie.
Caitlin : "OMG Drive was an amazing movie, Ryan Gosling left me speechless with his performance"
Emeline : "Tell me about it, i've seen it 5 times and Ryan Gosling is my background. Post-Movie Depression sucks"
by JonasBrothers.69 October 16, 2011
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The feeling you get when you see an amazing movie and you suddenly get depressed that real life isn't like that.
Me: Whats wrong with Jimmy today?
Other Person: He saw that movie yesterday and now he has a serious case of post movie depression.
Me: Man I got that after seeing In Time
by brostorycool November 05, 2011
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