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It's when you're sad because Christmas has passed, and you know that you're going to have to wait almost a year before the next time you get free stuff other than your birthday.
Bro 1: "You don't look so hot, are you okay?"
Bro 2: "Yeah, just post Christmas depression is all."
Bro 1: "Oh yeah, now that you've reminded me, I'm also suffering from PCD..."
by Clemens Hemmingway December 04, 2010
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That period of time, usually following New Year's, when you must take down all Christmas decorations and as a result, your house feels cold and naked.
John: Aw man... that spot by the fireplace where the Christmas tree used to stand feels so empty now.
Bob: Yeah, you're suffering from Post-Christmas depression. We all get it.
by TheSantaClaus December 23, 2011
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