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The feeling of extreme boredom/anxiety, in the first few days, following the completion of a good book.
Ever since finishing 'Cloud Splitter' by Russel Banks, I just can't seem to shake this Post Novel Depression.

I almost turned the tv on, maybe I have Post Novel Depression?
The doctor prescribed 'Barnes and Nobel' for my Post Novel Depression.
by Lance H. Johnson June 06, 2010
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the depression you feel after reading a brilliant book and getting to know the characters, then the book ends and you feel empty knowing you can't just pick it up where you left off.
girl 1: 'hey you look down'
girl 2: 'yeh i just finished this amazing romance novel, now i miss the lovers :'( i think i have post-novel depression'
girl 1: 'err get a life!'
by daisyccc August 14, 2007
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