When negative news becomes positively the only news people are interested in.
The horrible accident that created a more horrific accident was POSITIVELY NEGATIVE and interesting.
by MajorThomasRandle March 5, 2015
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Two extremes which help classify each person, place, thing.
They met Saturday. The man complimented her beautiful face telling her her features were those of classic greek or italian women. She thanked each time he found a different way to say that and did everything within her power to create the most positive first impression by speaking perfectly and looking at him lovingly, which he also complimented her on. When by coincidence her mother, father, and brother entered the supermarket, they saw her talking with the man at a table in the eating area and said hello to the girl but did not approach them. Seeing how unattractive the members of her family initially looked to him turned him off, but over the weekend he fell in love with her, and Monday he realized that he considered external appearances unimportant, and that—thinking twice—the members of the girls family were also unpretentious. So, in time he got to know them and like them. Seeing they were poor, a few weeks later, he invited them to be partners in a new childcare business.

Though most people generally agree on what is positive and what is negative, one individual may interpret a thing to be positive, and a different individual may interpret it to be negative. Do you consider that chain of events to be positive or negative?
by but for February 13, 2018
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1. It is when you do not want something good to happen but are expecting better things to happen

2. Deny a positive way of thinking to the profit of another neutral way of thinking
"Hey do you want to go with me to donate to charity next saturday?"
-"I do but there might be an important event about health & sanitation next week. I just hope it doesn't fall on a saturday or gets cancelled if it is so I can go with you! It's a negative positivity way of thinking!"
by EB024 March 27, 2017
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