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To know what poser theory is, we must first determine what a "poser" is.

The word obviously comes from the word "pose," to stand/ act in a certain way to seem as if you are something other than what you are. From this, we can conclude that someone who is an alleged poser is trying to be something they are not.

Many people call people posers mainly by what they wear, which is ussually their first mistake. People wearing clothes that they bought does not make them a poser- it is their attitude.
Posers will ussually speak about how they are interested in the group they are "posing" for. This may ussually include hobbies and music, such as skateboarding and mainstream emo/ metal bands.***

A definate sign of a poser is that they try to call out other posers, so as to keep their true agenda safe. The best way to explain this common symptom is to compare it to closet homosexuals - how they show signs of homofobia, or say things along the lines of "homosexuality is wrong*" or "queers should die**."
Another symptom is that the poser-in-question will ussually sing/ talk about a song or songs that the group likes. However, this song is ussually the only song by the artist (of the entire genre)that they know, or have even heard of.
The last, and possibly the most obvious symptom, is that the poser-in-question has said/ says outloud that they are (insert clique), or they say that they will be.****

This theory suggests (for the most part) that:
1) If you call yourself something (ex. emo, scene, skater, etc.), you are acting like a poser.
2)People who CALL people posers, are ussually posers.
3)If you PLAN to be like a certain group with that group being named, you are a poser to that group.

* ** I strongly dissagree with these statements. They were used soley as examples and nothing more.
Poser Theory Examples:

*** "Dude, I love Diary of Jane, by Breaking Benjamin! It's the best!!"
"Do you like their other songs?"
"I've never heard any of their other songs.."

**** "I'm totally emo now; my entire ipod is filled with My chemcial Romance."
"I think I'm gonna be scene.."

by Tired of Judgemental People March 25, 2009
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