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Describes and almost mythical, but real local-legend. Always male, poscos are seen running along the sidewalks of your local community, and are often believed to be homeless based on their unkempt appearance and quirky traits that suggest mild to severe mental illness. Poscos have been known to wear capes, crowns, run barefoot or with an arm raised in the air and typically have some sort of facial hair.
Florida Examples:

Tallahassee's posco, King Love, was dressed as a king with a cape, crown and scepter and ran around holding signs saying things like "King Love Loves You!"

Gainesville has had two, Timpathay, who is constantly spotted running around town, always has his right arm raised to the air he says to 'Give glory to God.' Most recently, an unnamed, rail-thin, bearded posco has been seen nearly everyday running barefoot on concrete. Rumor has it he's a professor at the local college.
by logangator February 03, 2010
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