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This sex maneuver can is mainly preformed during doggy style or anal sex with the girl on all fours receiving the penis. Whilst giving it to the woman from behind, you are standing in an awkward position with your knees outwards in order to get your genitals to the same height as the woman. The awkward, but yet power thrusting stance, can be related to a frog. Right as you are about to ejaculate, you thrust with your gluteus and your hamstrings and leap over the girl who is being fucked. With a quick spin in the air, you will land feet first with the girl still on all fours at the edge of the bed. You then blow your load into her face and backhand her right where the spunk has been sprayed all over her slutty face.
Brendan Huff: "Dude did you hear about Shanequa the other day?"

Robert Dobak: "No."

Brendan Huff: "her husband gave her the works the other day. He fucked her doggy style then he surprised her when he was did a Portuguese Backhanded Leap Frog and slapped the fuck out of her goo covered face."

Robert Dobak: "Damn. What a Pimp! I wish somebody would give me a A Portuguese Backhanded Leapfrog"

Brendan Huff: "You're such a fag dude. But i want one too... lets do it to each other, real talk, no homo?
by Harry Alfred-Batman Dumbledore December 14, 2011
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