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Someone who is sexually aroused by one or multiple aspects of the Portal video game series cannon, and commonly uses the internet to search out Rule 34 pertaining to the game. They may also contribute their own erotic fanart and fanfiction to Portalphile fansites such as The fetish can be due to a wide variety of reasons, ranging from robosexuality/technophilia, to perceiving certain aspects of the game (such as the nature of Testing Euphoria or appearance of Conversion Gel) as suggestive, to just plain thinking all the wires and cables are a good springboard for tentacle porn. Other reasons can be based in innocent crushes as many of the game's iconic characters (specifically GLaDOS and Wheatley) have cult followings by their respective opposite sexes.
"Ack! Why does Dan's desktop have a cartoon of a giant robot ramming a cable up that female inmate's..."
"He's a Portalphile. It's a long story; let's just close the lid, okay?"
by depressedannie May 29, 2014
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