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The act of courting a young lady and inviting her into a porta potty for sex, using a foot long corn dog with a condom on it.
Yo I was at riot fest and I totally gave some girl a port-a-hotty
by Tortoisetaint September 17, 2017
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A play on the term Porta-Potty. We all like to have things we need and enjoy wherever we go, sooooo a Porta-Hotty is an incredibly realistic and HOT blow up doll (male or female...yes, I'm a fagalong) This "doll" would have "hot" parts such as mouth, penis, vaginer and asshole (warmers inside them)So that they would not only be hot in the superficial sense but also in the practical sense. The Porta-Hotty can suck peenus better than the average living person. I know you may never have seen a Porta-Hotty, but watch they'll be all the rage within months of this post.
Driver: what's the matter Homer?

Homer: I gotta boner ready to bust at the backveinseam!

Driver: Oh, don't worry, reach into the blue box in the back and pull out my Porta-Hotty. You'll have to blow her before she blows you"

minutes later...

Homer: omfg she's HAWT, where can I get a porta-hotty?"

Driver: "Lots of places, I got mine at K-Ymart."
by Cathi Robertson July 17, 2008
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