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An extreme sickness caused by excessive drinking of port wine. This is both an addiction to Port Wine as well as the sickness that follows after a bender.

Signs of addictions:

1) Drinking at 7 am Port Wine even though you need to be at work at 8:30 am.
2) Spending over 20% of your paycheck on Port Wine.
3) Fighting with people both in personal and business relationships.
4) Missing work 2 plus times a week from a bender and coming in the next day without a shower stinking of Port Wine.

Signs of sickness from a bender:

1) Excessive Vomiting.
2) Extreme sweating.
3) Missing work.
4) Fighting with anyone you come in contact with both during and the day after a bender.
Addiction Example -

Glen, "I keep noticing Eric has no money, has a poor attitude, and misses work alot."

James, "I think he has a case of Port Wine Fever."

Sickness Example -

James, "Man Glen, Eric has thrown up three times today, is sweating on his desk, and stinks like a homeless wino."

Glen, "Yeah it looks like he has Port Wine Fever again today."
by TuckDCconnect January 07, 2011
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