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An extremely boring city. It has an over-abundance of Walmarts, Walgreens, CVS's, and Publix's.

Most of the teens are uneducated, sexually active, and they all look the same.
The "scene" crowd takes over the entire city.
There is nothing to do but go to Superplay and smoke weed.
1: Hey! Where do you live?
2: HELL.
1: Oh, sorry man, didn't know you lived in Port St Lucie.
by CynicalWin February 04, 2010
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Shitty town in the middle of Florida
The only thing to do is the movies or bowling
There's a gas station/park/Walgreens on every corner
Prides itself by being one of the fastest growing city in America
If they build another Walmart instead of a mall in Port St Lucie, I'm going to bomb it.
by DW0rkz July 29, 2007
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