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THE disgrace of the late 20th century and early 21st century. Port Power or "The Power" as their supporters* call them are the worst AFL team to have ever played the game. With the ugliest colours (black, teal and white) on their guernsey, even for a complete foreigner to the game would go for Port's opponent.

*Port Supporters: Feral, either absolutely no teeth or (in rare cases 1 or 2), severely outnumbered in their home state to the Adelaide Crows supporters. Also, Port supporters are known to be a part of many incestial abuse reports.
Port Supporter: "Hi Im a Port Power supporter im feral and have no teeth. there are heaps more crows fans than us port fans (HEY MUM whens our next daughter due?) .. Oh and my team sucks ass.
by shausix February 02, 2010
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Crap football team which is not as good as the Adelaide Crows and is supported by smelly soapdodging inbred bogans.
I am a Port Power supporter I wish our team was as good as the Crows but it isn't so I am going to go and have sex with my sister.
by port power are losers December 28, 2007
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PAFC-port adelaide football club.
an afl football team in australia.
the best team in aussie rules. won the premiership in 2004
damn port power are the best
by brett is gay July 14, 2005
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