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A pornipedia is a walking talking depraved individual with a derelict moral compass that spins like there is no magnetic pole.

The pornipedia is a walking talking porn encyclopedia who can recite any and every odd porn trivia from memory and has a photographic memory of porn stars, scenes and pop shots.

The pornipedia is really a rare being and requires a constant feeding of porn. It appears that there is an increase in the occurrence of live pornipedias since the adoption of internet porn world wide.

Pornipedia's spend an inordinate amount of time on 4chan's adult channels.
Hey pornipedia, who is that pasty skinned <interrupts> "Stoya"

Hey pornipedia, who's the guy that shoots ropes and looks like <interrupts> "Peter north"

Hey pornipedia, who's the girl with the lips like <interrupts> "jesse jane"
by Lascivious March 26, 2010
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