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Adjective: A word used to describe the aftermath and mess of a large party, which has been caused by the DICKs in the year above.

Origin: A party in a Norfolk Based farm featured a large Hog roast, which instead of being eaten, was used as ammunition in a battle, to see who had overdosed on testosterone the most. In the morning, lumps of cold pork had to be shovelled into bin bags.

Also, the act of Pork Shovelling can be used to describe acts of hardcore sexual acts, involving pork.
My My! This has turned out to be a real Pork Shovelling party! I feel sorry for the host!

Hey, we have been going out for some time now, and I think we should make it special... I got some pork in the shed... Yes, i want to pork shovel with you
by norfolkinchance June 26, 2010
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