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1.Stereotypically, a person seeking to be popular by listening to 'punk bands' and 'heavy metal/goth bands' (the kind on the radio and MTV), only dressing in black, always wanting/wearing tattoos, spikey bracelets, collars, etc., supposedly harbouring violent and sadistic tendencies, but not really accepting any of the good ideas of either goths or punks. Usually found in high schools across North America. Not that there is anything wrong with America, punks, goths, the colour black, rock music, or just plain old self-expression. Just stupid people

2.The 'preps' of the twenty-first century

Poppy Punk
"That poppy goth John/Jean Smith just told me that if I want to study the social hierarchy of Imperial China instead of learning about how Christopher Columnbus found America, I should just move to China with the rest of those'red yellow pink commies'! Then he/she listened to some crappy music on the radio with some pansy screeming about how his daddy didn't hug him enough and hit some kid about 75 pounds lighter than him/herself with that stupid spikey, leather bracelet! Weak!"
by Gandhi, the Tree Wizard June 21, 2004
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