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Is made up of two words: pop and dada. Pop means the pop culture that surrounds us daily and that's inescapable(in a way it also means capitalism and consuming). Dada means the spontaneous acts, collages and very social anti-art. The two parts form a subculture which is composed of members who want to redefine the pop surrounding us, using dada techniques. In doing so they win back the creative and expressive freedom and they desacrify the capitalist product(though they still depend on the capitalism to provide the material for culture jamming). The main medium for expressing the popdada views is everyday clothing and attitudes as it was in Punk.
So popdada could be divided to aesthetics and the culture jamming. The aesthetics remain dynamic and could be only defined in a short term time and should remain spontaneous and always being ahead of the mass culture. So the act of packaging the subculture will always fail as the mass production and marketing of merchandise takes more time than it takes an individual to put on a new outfit.

The act of popdada will never destroy a product and the visual image, it will simply shift the emphasize and the control from the dictating company into the hands of individuals and democracy. It has been simulated as a form of guerrilla advertising, but it still remains a disguised and centralized. Popdada is the creation of culture from the lower level up. The product is remixed and used and from there it's picked up and marketized but fails, because there is something else on the streets already.

The common practice of all this includes - DIY design clothes, collages, remixing posters, punk shui and others.
Duchamp drew a mustache on Mona Lisa, it was Popdada.
Jennie drew onto the logo of her promotional free t-shirt, she shifted the meaning.
Banksy put a traffic cone onto the head of a statue.
The things you do are so popdada. She is and dresses like a popdada.
by Adult Wisney January 10, 2009
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Popdada is a subculture of creative people wearing bright colours, DIY clothes and doing culture jamming. Somewhat similar to emo(through the outfits, but rather preferring colours than black) and also to new rave.

Popdada borrows from significance and resolutions offered up by art and popular culture, in order to reformulate these in another context and language, everyday creativity, thus creating a new and unquestionably new way of life introducing expressed creativity all around theirselves.
Jenny blows soap bubbles and wears a glitter dress she made on rooftops, she's a popdada.
by Frei February 24, 2008
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