Lung disease you can get from packing popcorn or vaping.
Don't juul stay in school
Or you'll get popcorn lung and your health will be dung
by Meditation club with Jonathan October 15, 2019
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A myth. Something that isn't real.
Interviewer: Do you think vapes should be allowed in schools?

Yeat: Yeah.

Interviewer: What about popcorn lung?

Yeat: That's a myth. That's not real.
by rigbytheone9 July 23, 2022
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The lung disease brought on by the oils used in microwave popcorn. Also known as "Popcorn Packers' Lung."
"my mum's coworkers when we were in toronto the first night were pretty drunk and one of them when we got back to our fancy 12th floor bar thing was like i could really go for some popcorn but OH GOD I'LL PROBABLY END UP DYING OF POPCORN LUNG"
by Alissa and Jenna September 18, 2007
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