The act of taking a deuce into a popcorn bucket and dumping it on a persons head.
Jermichael new he had not read the book teacher assigned to him and was not prepared to give a book report in front of the whole class. When he was finally called on that fateful day, instead of enduring the embarrassment of his classmates for not having read the book, he gave his teacher a proper popcorn bucket.
by magnumdefense January 28, 2013
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Anytime one feels a remote sense of defeat.

Imagine stepping into an empty popcorn bucket and being unable to shake it from your foot OR driving over an empty popcorn bucket, and listening as it drags underneath your car for miles.
"Man, I can't finish this paper. I'm totally dragging a popcorn bucket, here."
by Amy Danger February 06, 2010
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A friend, family, or work member that you feel close/comfortable enough to share a bucket of popcorn at the latest blockbuster.
Barry: “hey jimmy, Black Panther is coming out on Wednesday. You wanna go and be my popcorn bucket buddy.!”
Jimmy: “absolutely, would love to be your popcorn bucket buddy.”
by RawDaddy February 13, 2018
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