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a puppetshow drama for kids, teenagers and peter pan complexed adults.
Girl: That group is so cozen(to cheat or fool). Theyput on a Pootly-nautch skit about how, the Jane puppet blew a guy at a beachouse.

All the puppets E and Jane did was talk about the John puppets vendeta and new puppet love for the jess puppet, and the death of Jane. E puppet kissed alot, told jane puppet he had cared about her since met in school and there was no blowing untill months later in the show. When the script went threw. The jane puppet was In love with the John puppet. Let go, for love to give the john puppet happieness. Cozen handeld the skit. Put the Jane puppet with the E puppet claiming the John puppet wanted war againsed her, never to see her again.
Guy: I'm in syrt(sinking quick sand) now. My hand won't work to get the show on the right track for the cozen that worship me. I have a rep to protect.
Girl: You'd better come correct son. I always loved your Golilla characture
Guy; wtf is that again?
Girl: A high stiff collar worn by an Italian nobelman durring the seventeenth century.
Guy:IDK what to write.
Girl:Puppetmaster write the truth in your heart 4 once.
by scaldabanco October 21, 2009
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The hangy-down bit of fat on a cat's belly after it gets neutered/spayed.
Every time the cat jumps on the table, his pootly-nautch knocks the lamp to the floor.
by Nostradamus Fatback February 21, 2010
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