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Pooshin Is a name for an uncommon condition where a person Unloads a massive amount of Poo at one time, So much that it "Rockets" out of the Anus at speeds of a Cheetah. Genders have different circumstances for this condition to occur, for the Male, The scrotum must be pinched in the right area for the Pooshin to happen. For the Female, if The inside fleshy part of the Vagina where to be Twisted, then Tickled afterwards, it would cause the Effects of Pooshin to Occur.
"Barnie trapped his Testicles between the toilet seat again and all i could hear was the catastrophic sound of an Unloading Pooshin in the Bathroom."

"Vahalenia was hiking one day, then all of a sudden, A Fly flew into her vagina and twisted her labia, then the fly flew away causing a tickling sensation afterwards. Vahalenia Began to run as Massive amounts of Poo began to fill here panties because of Pooshin."
by Gyrobot February 19, 2014
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