(pl) poopers doopers - Kid friendly version of "Oh Shit!!"
Poopers Doopers, I forgot to select all the drawings and only printed some of them!
by Jeff Gilbert June 20, 2005
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Translates to: "not super duper." A purposely mediocre-sounding rebuttal to use on someone expressing enthusiasm for a mediocre event. Can be used sarcastically or merely ambivalently.
"Hey, let's go out to Greasy's and get hot dogs. How's that sound?"
"Mmm. Poop-er dooper!" (w/ sarcasm)
"Pooperdooper." (w/ ambivalence)
by Jerko Flapdoodle July 28, 2006
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"An idiot or moron", originated from street language.
"My sister is a pooperdooper cause she stole my candy."
by Nugget March 30, 2005
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