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When a person runs out of toilet paper in the bathroom and has to take a shower as a result
Roommate 1: Hey JC, we have any toilet paper left? or paper towels, ANYTHING?!?!
Roommate 2: Nope sry.
Roommate 1: guess I have to take a poop shower :-/
by MR. DNICK@CHEECK June 24, 2010
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A poop immediately followed by a shower. Poopshowers are preferable done completely naked for maximum freedom. This is sometimes termed the naked poopshower though "naked" is often left off because it's implied and thus poopshower is synonomous with naked poopshower.

Usually a noun but can be used as a verb.

Other variants include:

Powerpoopshower -Poop combined with a power shower (1 beer consumed during the shower)

Doublepowerpoopshower -1 beer before/ during pooping followed by a power shower thus 2 beers are consumed total

Open Door Poopshower - Leaving doors open during a poopshower to ensure maximum freedom and usually to watch TV during the poop.

The Holy Grail of poopshowers is the ever elusive poopshowerbeejnap. Which as you can guess is a poopshower followed directly by a blowjob which inevitably leads to a nap. To truly achieve Nirvana the nap must be solo.
"I am so stoked for this epic poopshower I'm about to take"

"Alright, I'm going to go to dinner, poopshower, and do some homework"
by thechop123 August 01, 2009
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