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Magical creatures that go in to your house take a shit and just leave it there with out flushiing!!
We have poop fairys!!! Say what?

They came in took a shit and just left bro!!!
by SexyChickCocoaBootyShake May 06, 2012
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Derived from Greek Poopides Poop-a-lot-alous Nymphicacides A petite Indigenous creature, whose lineage can be traced to the same family tree as that of the Tooth Fairy Dentittyfuckwhat? Nymphusaurus.
Despite its apparent frail and delicate complexion, the Poop-fairy has a natural ability to enter virtually any residence and permeate one's bedroom with a repulsive stink that lingers ad-nauseam.

Her appearance tends to be summoned shortly after the victim passes out following a long night of excessive consumption and riotous sex. Regardless as to whether one has showered prior to sleeping, all are susceptible/vulnerable to the Poop-Fairy's magical Turd-Wand.
Recent Studies from the Pentagon suggest that the Fairy simply with a wave of her magic Shit-Stick, disperses a pasty substance that although appears white, imbues the victim's mouth with a corrosive pungence of what has been described by Professor: E. Chiyanus, as a mixture between heated vinegar and an anchovies cunt, that quickly extends its pong pervading the entire room.

Age, race, sociodemographic factors are all inconsquential, every group has fallen prey to this fairy.
Although no official footage has been obtained of the Poop Fairy in action, it is widely believed that she has received thorough training from the Mossad Agency and correlating reports indicate a keen resemblance of the Poop Fairy to newly appointed Secretary of State Cunnilingus Rice.
by Mr. Aydam & Bigdadz February 11, 2005
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