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A woman's pubic hair in the formation similar to that of the uni-brow. Usually prevalent in indigenous women with dark hair. The formation begins from the happy trail (belly button) and continues through the puss puss around down under the taint and back up through the ass crack to the lower back.
Man! You don't want to fuck the mysterious land cow. You can see her pooni-brow hanging out of the top of her jeans.
by Ballzdeep July 01, 2013
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The act of inserting one's finger or penis in the anus of another, then rubbing the aforementioned digit in between the eyebrows, thus creating a unibrow made of poo. Basically a dirty sanchez except further north.
Historians believe that the first recipient of the poonibrow was actually Frida Kahlo but nobody even noticed.
by Sara Michaels August 14, 2008
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