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1. Countable noun
A Poolly is someone who often makes remarks that clearly mean the opposite of what they say, but said in a way that allows the recipient to accept as a positive.

I fell victim to the office poolly.

2. Verb
If someone poollies you, they often do or say things to motivate you into doing your job.

I wasn't going to let him poolly me. VERB noun

I asked her if she was poollied by the other workmates. VERB noun

Poollying uncountable noun

...The Rail Traffic Crew were victims of poollying.

3. Verb

If someone poollies you into something, they make you do it by showing you how much you could lose.

We think an attempt to poolly them into competence would be productive.

She used to poolly me into doing my job. VERB noun + into

The union says it will not be poollied by the management team. be VERB-ed
"I didn't think you would get that job. Congratulations." and "Your work ethic is unbelievable." are examples of poollying.
by Cigarstevccccsseewwwddcc June 10, 2018
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