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A small conhabation of termites, MRSA, and coma patients faicies located in the best part of england, the south.

Also contains: Doctors, unqualified doctors(nurses), patients, E343, E321, Corn starch, yo mamma.

Warning: If you visit this place you probably have somthing horribly wrong with you
Dude i just went to poole hospital

I know i can see the torrent of blood.

Hey man, poole hospital just took out my apendix,

Ye, leave out the anthopomorphism, blood, is a buildin' innit.
by Sir Benja May 02, 2009
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A curious building, full of weak and vulnerable creatures such as Ben Pease. Those who enter are often found in the garbage out the back. Treatment usually stretches across a couple of months when illegal working numbers are low. Poole Hospital isn't a place for the faint hearted, nor' the British.
I just got caught up in a brawl, in the Poole hospital reception. A one armed kid just knicked the last free magazine .
by YungBoiOfAtlanta December 10, 2018
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