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1. Person, either male, female or hermaphodite who feels the dire need to spew nonsensical shit or utter lies to make themselves look better in the eyes of their peers. Usually one who is socially inadequate, personally insecure or, quite simply, a fucktard of immense proportions. 2. One who tells lies to make themselves more fantastic in the eyes of others. 3. One who practices bullshit artistry, more commonly known as a bullshit artist.
1. 'I have a Ferrari F50 in my garage at home!' - 'On your income? What a Poo Shooter.'
by John Barry July 03, 2006
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the name says it all....or; to park/ drop ones anchor in poo bay! see bum sex
Billy: wot did u do last nite?
Jimmy: ya mam!!
Billy: no thats wrong... i heard ur a pooshooter.....
by Captain Pugwash March 23, 2004
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