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Take some stuffing out of the pillow. Poo in the pillow. Sew it back up. Put it back on Kate's bed. The poo will soak in. She washes it. It gets worse. Kate is sad.
Caitlin: Hey guys! You know what would be really funny?

Sheila: No, what??? I'm super bored!

Caitlin: Let's poo in Kate's pillow and put it back on her bed!

Sheila: OMFG that's such a good idea. When she goes to wash it the smell will get worse!!!!

Caitlin: Totes. Poo pillow. You know what else is fun?

Sheila: No, what? OMG!! WHAT?

Caitlin: Doing your taxes drunk.
by Caitlin aka Cockalina February 01, 2012
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(v) The act of sneakily farting on a pillow before someone goes to sleep. This way, when the person lays their head to go to bed, they smell poo on the pillow. Also known as the flatulent fluff to many of the vocabulary nazis.
Your roommate's coming down the hall about ready to go to bed. Poo pillow him while I go and try to stall him.
by Ticonderoga March 25, 2006
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A metaphorical pillow designed to minimize splash-back from your poo, keeping your cheeks as dry as possible. It is constructed from 2-5 squares of toilet paper placed neatly in the drop zone of a toilet.
I had been jammed up and hadn't pooped in days, and then it hit me all at once. Just to be safe, I made a poo pillow to prevent a splashy mess.
by Gabraham Lincoln October 31, 2013
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