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The moment in which a Browny realizes that a new episode of My Little Pony is out and makes an orgasm noise
Guy: New Episode of MLP
Other Guy: Ah shit, now I gotta change my pants!
Guy: Why did you have a PonyGasm?
Other Guy: Yeah, I am such a Browny
by LawlGasms November 08, 2011
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The orgasmic squeal, often combined with hyperventilation, a little girl makes when one or both of her parents presents her with a pony.
Rich father one: So I gave little Portia her first pony the other day
Rich father two: Did she have a ponygasm?
Rich father one: A ponygasm? What's that??
Rich father two: She gave this orgasmic squeal and started to hyperventilate, it's great. Chloe had a ponygasm when I gave her first pony, too.
by CommanD'OH February 03, 2010
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