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a music venue in Springdale, arkansas that doubles as a coffee shop. It used to be pontiac dealership, thus the name. Shows are usually deathcore or grindcore, with occasional indie and alternative shows.
The Pontiac Music Hall has a distinctive smell of old books. Its very dirty looking and somewhat messy.

The audience is mostly scene kids and punks. Routine at the PMH is hanging out at in the coffee shop until the show begins, and then going and watching some of the bands in the back room with the stage. Admittance is only $7. Bands usually suck, but it's good fun to dance. The area is very small and there's usually an occasional obnoxious hardcore dancer.

The PMH is the place to be seen if you are scene.
Jenny Brokenhearts: After I straighten my hair, lets go to the Pontiac Music Hall.

Noah Skinnyjeans: Last night Hound of Hades was sick at the Pontiac Music Hall.

Guthrie: I can't wait for Saturday's show at the Pontiac music hall.
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