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A term using part of the name of famous Spanish conquistador, Juan Ponce de León, used to express a massive ass-whooping.

A much higher degree of being owned.
After landing on Tim's Park Place with a hotel on it, Mike rolls snake eyes next turn and lands on Boardwalk, which also has a hotel on it. He then needs to mortgage all his properties and goes bankrupt.
Mike: "Awe shit!"
Tim: "Dude, you just got Ponce-de-Leóned!"

While playing Halo 2 CTF on Xbox Live, Mike steals the other team's flag and makes it back to his base, only to find a member of the other team with the Energy Sword killing all of his team members. Mike sneaks up behind him, beats him down with the flag, and scores to win.
Mike: "Fuckin' Ponce-de-Leóned that bitch!"
by Ahmed the Vampire Slayer January 17, 2006
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