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A fucking eargasamic, jaw dropping, beautiful instrumental rock band from the shores of Auckland, New Zealand.

In 2010, the band members started out as your typical Sad emo melodic death metal band with originally 5 band members all donning flamboyant justin bieber haircuts and cutting their wrists. In 2011, they created an EP called resurrect which have fucking heavy harmonic and melodic riffs, full of cunt crushing shreds and sweep picks. At that time, many emo high school new zealand girls didn't bestow polyphia of much attention that they deserve because they felt that they devoted a fuckton of amazing talent just to create this senseless shreding garbage that doesn't appeals to them. Hence, they kicked its vocalist. In 2014, they started going softcore and adopting its lighter version of Inspire, thats where many non-emo New Zealand schoolgirls started to chime in their music videos on youtube, starting to generate millions of views in songs like 87, James Franco, Champagne, and finale etc.

Polyphia's current music is something that is stimulating to your perversed mind and it makes you wanna fantasize about touching New Zealand women's lovely huge breasts. But be warned, if you listen to too much polyphia you will turn into molestation crimes and the punishment for that in New Zealand is the death penalty.
Me: Fuck yeah i masturbate to polyphia while playing runescape!

You: What a fucking emo faggot...
by BracingFawn March 06, 2017
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