Someone who is a busybody, looks over shoulders, always wants to hear what is going on. Can be used for many other things. To describe someone who has an unpleasant or annoying attitude.
"Why are you looking over my shoulder? Quit being such a Polonius!"

"Why are you still talking, you Polonius fool?"

"You need to drop this Polonius attitude."

Person 1: "Keep it 235! Homeslice!"

Person 2: "Shut up, you sound Polonius"
by PeatMoss October 3, 2012
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Back in the day the homies around the way frequently used the word polonius as away to describe a person place or thing
That bitch just made a polonious move, had me take her out and spend all my paper on her ,then when we get back to the crib she says she not down to fuck ,that’s some polonious shit right there! So the definition of the word polonius is something that presents itself as being genuine & real but turns out to be fake, phony, or a fraud
by Bigcupinthebx November 16, 2017
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