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Many upward pitch bends. Most commonly used in a musical sense, pollidoidalling is used to accentuate parts in a solo or musical phrase, giving the tone of the note a wavering feel or sound. Often this is done on guitar or vocally as it is very easy to naturally do when utilizing either of these instruments. When pollidoidalling, it is best to pollidoidal quickly as it draws attention to the "awesomeness" that is your solo. While there are many pollidoidalling techniques, the most commonly used technique is "vibrato".
Student: How was my solo professor?
Prof.: Hm... needs more pollidoidals

Bassist: Man, the lead guitarist needs to stop pollidoidalling so much and just play some damn chords

Soprano: Why don't you pollidoidal more?
Alto: Because I don't want to sound like a stuck-up bitch
by Omniscient Panda January 19, 2012
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