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Polincubi, (singular Polincubus) are political demons that take the form men to seduce ignorant voters of both genders for their political support.
In modern times, Polincubi may or may not appear on television, radio, magazines or any other media where their spell can be weaved. Policubi draw their energy from two sources; Voters and the Media.

A Polincubus use voters to sustain them, often until the voter(s) become too exhausted intelligently to articulate why. This is accomplished by using buzz-words, catch-phrases and one-liners in place of facts, figures, reason and common sense.

Polincubi and the media share a symbiotic relationship with each other. Once the media first comes into contact with a policubus, they are highly critical and wary of giving it more exposure. But as time goes on, they too fall under the Polincubus’ spell until they cannot exist without each other.

Polincubi are empty vessels with no real knowledge of policy, history, facts or issues. They pretend to be knowledgeable about all facts and figures while either making it all up or distorting the information to fit their needs. Rage is the weapon of choice when distracting voters from their ignorance and lack of knowledge.

Because they are male, they will be welcomed with open arms into main-stream political parties and will never be exiled. They will then feign sympathy towards third party voters in an attempt to spread their influence and get higher ratings.
by JybraEel February 22, 2010
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